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Spooky Refrigerator Stories

The refrigerator in this picture is haunted....

Or the space the fridge sits in is haunted? If you have been around for a bit you might remember that we had to have this thing replaced. It went out randomly and just never worked again. We had to wait out the warranty replacement process which was months and FINALLY got a new one.

Yeah, this is a brand new fridge...and it makes the loudest noises I’ve ever heard a fridge make. Not joking when I say it is shocking to people when they hear it.

Almost like a low growl and it lasts for 10 very awkward and infuriating seconds. Lol gonna have to call the fridge peeps back and have them take a look at it.

Tell me about your appliance horror stories. Let me know if you can top 5 months without a fridge.

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