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Easy Landscape Lighting

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Check out this quick and easy springtime project using solar landscape lighting from Hampton Bay!

In my opinion, landscape lighting is one of the easiest ways to add curb appeal and instantly level up your landscaping. Hard-wired lights are awesome but if you are looking for a quick and easy way to light up your exterior, solar lighting takes the cake.

I kicked off this project by removing the old wooden border I installed a couple years ago. It was bowing and warped so it needed to go.

I also pulled out a couple of trees that weren't doing well in the space. I will be relocating them to a better spot on our property where they will get the space they need to grow.

I installed this rubber garden edging from Vigoro to keep the planter nice and neat. This edging comes in 4 foot sections and its trimmable, so you can cut it down to whatever size you need. You can use a hack saw or even a powered circular saw.

After I was done with the border I staged the plants exactly where I wanted them to go. All the plants I added are perennials, meaning they will stay in the ground year round. Later in the spring i'll bring in some annuals to add more seasonal color. I also checked the labels of all the plants to make sure they can handle the amount of sunlight this garden bed gets.

I got a few really cool tools from Home Depot to make planting a little easier. I picked up a 48” pointed shovel for some of the bigger holes and I got this handy Garden Weasel Multi Tool for the smaller holes. I have super rocky soil so I used a 24” Planting Auger to loosen up the soil and help pull smaller rocks up to the surface. This tool was such a game changer.

I also cant forget these awesome Yard Pro Work Gloves from Firm Grip!! I planted about 30 plants and these totally saved my hands.

At this point I was ready to assemble the lights. This planter sits along the pathway to my front door so I went with these Limestone LED Bollard Lights from Hampton Bay. They are motion activated so they get brighter when someone walks along the path. I also love how they cast light all the way around so they also illuminate all my plants in the planter! They were super easy to put together. I used four along this path and they are super bright even with the low angle of the sun in the winter. I just staked them in the ground.

The front planter turned out great so I headed out to my backyard to tackle another problem area. I have raised area along the perimeter of the fence. Its only about 2 feet wide so there isn’t a ton of room. The previous owner put in a bunch of palm trees but there was a ton of dead space in between. The last couple years I put in seasonal annuals but they have all died and this spot was looking super sad.

I decided to bring in a ton of new perennial greenery. Like the front yard, i'll probably add some more annual color but I wanted to fill in most of the space with items that will stay lush and green all year.

I love the look of shadows cast on a wall from foliage so I picked up a bunch of my favorite solar spotlights. These lights are a steal at less that $10 a piece and they give off amazing, concentrated light.

The finishing touch was adding some ambiance to the backyard with these awesome Solar Flame Torches from Hampton Bay. They are 2 feet tall and they really look great with the new greenery. They also ship with extra pole pieces so they can be used as tall torches!

I was able to get this whole project done in one day and I’m so happy with the results! I cant wait for the weather to warm up so we can get back to enjoying chill evenings outside!!

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1 Comment

Feb 17, 2023

Looks great! Love those tall lights.

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