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The Power of Paint...Pails

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Handy Paint Products are the real MVP

of these two amazing paint projects I just


First, I worked on my guest room. When I did all my floors last year, I never did the flooring in this room because I was being lazy, but I finally got it done a few weeks ago and decided to give the whole space a refresh. I replaced the baseboards with some nice MDF flat stock to match the rest of the main level but I wasn't feeling the paint colors in this space anymore so I brought in my awesome Handy Painter's Tool Bag and got to work.

This is like the “Mary Poppins bag” of tool bags because it can hold SO MUCH STUFF. I keep brushes, paint cups, paint opener tool, spouts, tape, drop cloths, and so much more. It has a ton of compartments and it can even fully open up to make everything super accessible. I love that I can just walk in with this bag and have pretty much everything I need to paint a room.

For the main color, I wanted the space to have a calming feeling to it so I went with a nice, neutral tan from Behr called “Moongaze”. I used my Handy Paint Tray with a liner to make cleanup a breeze. I love that this tray actually has a little magnet to hold my cut-in brush!

I wanted to paint the doors and

baseboards a cool contrasting color so I went with “Milkweed Pond” from Behr. I used my Handy Paint Pail…It has a super comfy adjustable strap which makes it so easy to hold while working. I also used the handy roller cup with a 6 inch high density foam roller. I was able to knock out the doors and baseboards so fast and since I used the Handy Liners, I just tossed them when I was done and I was ready to store my tools in a flash.

I absolutely love the new vibe of this guest room and the green looks so good with the tan walls. This room has an earthy bohemian vibe and I'm living for it.

Moving on to the second project, my son Samson’s room. He is three and his room has been pretty much untouched since we moved in. I knew I wanted to do a fun accent wall where his bed goes and my wife suggested a mural! I was looking for a cool southwestern theme so we decided to do a desert mountain scene using some really awesome colors!

I knew this project might be a pain. Altogether it would require using six colors for the mural, one for the main wall, once for his cabinets and another for the doors and baseboards. Thats where these Handy Liners and Paint Covers really came in clutch! I was able to swap and cover the liners so easily while I was working with all the different colors.

My wife drew all the mountains and I came in with all the colors and my Handy Products and filled them in with paint. I have never done a mural before so I was a bit nervous but this came out amazing and my Handy products made it so much easier than I anticipated. I would have been washing paint cups for hours!

After the mural was done, I wanted to refresh some old Ikea Cabinetry. I gave it a fresh coat of paint with Behr Alkyd Enamel Cabinet Paint. I would link the color but I got it from the “oops” section at Home Depot so it's not an actual color. It's a really deep green that works super well in this space. After nine years, these cabinets look brand new again!

I don't know why, but I just love to paint doors and baseboards. I know it's a trend but I really think it's a super cost effective way to add so much fun character to a space. I have found that one quart of paint is generally more than enough to paint the baseboards in a standard size bedroom plus an entry door and two closet doors.

For this room I wanted to pull one of the colors from the mural wall so I went with my favorite which was “Perfect Penny” from Behr. I think it looks so cool and the space looks very ‘Custom” with the painted trim work!

This project came out amazing. My son loves his new room, and for about $150 in paint, this was extremely budget friendly!!

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