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Tuesday Morning

Tuesday Morning! Did you know there is a chain of stores called Tuesday Morning? #notanAD I’ve never been there and the name suggests it would be a very boring place. Someone pls let me know if you have been to Tuesday Morning and tell me the coolest thing you have gotten there.

Anyways, I haven’t posted some basic shots of the house in a while. Heres one of my favorite rooms in the house at the best time of the day…when the morning light shines in through the windows and everything feels super chill. The kids are asleep so the house is quiet and my coffee is still hot. A little peace and quiet is good for the soul.

In a few mins Emma will slide down the stairs asking for “double decker breakfast” which is basically just two breakfasts because she eats like a woodland creature preparing for winter. Sammy will scream for someone to rescue him from his crib prison and Jonah would sleep all day if I let him. Anyways, here’s to Tuesday Morning! (Not the store) *unless they want to sponsor me, then here’s to @tuesdaymorning!

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