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Simple Christmas Vibes + Free Downloadable PDF

Simple Christmas vibes!

Ok I’ll admit hand painting dozens of ornaments and stringing a 40 foot long popcorn garland wasn’t simple. It actually may have taken a couple years off my life but who’s counting?

This is pretty much the only room we decorate because I refuse to let boxes of Christmas decorations take over my garage.

The Faux Terra Cotta ornaments came out exactly how I imagined them and they are super durable. The popcorn Garland is…less durable lol. The paper snowflakes are just lunch bags and my wife made the inserts for the frames above the piano!

Now I’m ready to enjoy these vibes for the rest of the season! I’m curious, let me know how many boxes of holiday decor do you have tucked away…I want totals of all holidays combined. 🤣

Click Here to access the free downloadable PDF of the Christmas sign my wife drew for our home.

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