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Kitchen Makeover Progress

Did you really DIY if you don’t take a picture leaning on it?

I’m cheezin’ so hard here because I’m REALLY proud of myself. I searched high and low for some decent plans that explained how to pull this off...I found nothing.

It was important to me that this hood was installed properly and WORKED. I love to cook so my old microwave range hood was not cutting it. I did a lot of research on safe ducting, load support, and even drywall installation...and here it is! My vision has become a reality!

I still have to finish the drywall corners, prime, and paint. After that I will be adding my white oak edge trim along the bottom and this hood will be DONE!

Cost breakdown:

  • Hood Insert $350

  • Sheet of drywall $11

  • Drywall corner $4

  • Drywall screws $5

  • Ducting $15

  • Lumber $25

$410 bucks!








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