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Flipping Mom's Laundry Room with Marazzi Tile

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Scroll through to see how I transformed my moms Laundry Room from "Builder Grade" to "Custom Made":

I partnered with Home Depot on this project to give my mom’s builder grade laundry room an amazing transformation! The showstopper of this project is this awesome Marazzi EpicClean tile in the "Arabescato” color. It looks just like marble with tons of variation, except this tile is actually super easy to keep clean with an antimicrobial technology integrated into the glaze on the surface. This technology provides over 99% antimicrobial product protection for the light for the tile, making this the perfect flooring choice for a new laundry room!

Installing the tile is really simple, I started by laying down a Schluter Ditra Uncoupling Membrane to give me a fresh surface to install the tile on. I also took some time to plan the layout of the tile to minimize cuts and make sure the entry to the laundry room was visually symmetrical.

After that, I installed the tile using a thinset mortar that’s appropriate for large format tiles like this and a 1/4 inch square notch trowel.

I spaced out and leveled the tiles using these awesome QEP Self-Leveling Lash Spacers. When the tile is fully set and the thin-set is cured, you just kick them off.

I used PolyBlend Grout in the color “Rolling Fog”. I have used the cheap foam grout floats before but for a few more bucks, I decided to go with this Rubber Grout Float and it was so much easier to work withI got all my grout joints filled and after a couple hours I came back to wipe up the excess grout haze using this awesome sponge with a microfiber cloth built in.

Once the tile was installed, and the grout was set, I was ready to install cabinets. For a cost effective solution, I went with the Hampton Bay line of Unfinished Beech Cabinets. They come in a huge variety of standard stock sizes and you can finish them however you want.

In my layout I went with the following:

For the upper cabinets, I simply reused the existing cabinets my mom already had in the laundry room and relocated them to be in line with the new lower cabinetry.

All the cabinets were primed with Kilz Primer and then Painted with Behr Urethane Alkyd Enamel Paint in the color “Tornado Season”.

After the cabinets were painted, I installed Hampton Bay Hevea Butcher Block counters. I used a 6-foot and an 8-foot piece to make the main counters, and a 39”x6’ slab for the folding counter over the washer and dryer.

I built a counter base around the washer and dryer and installed some cleats in the studs to support the counter around the perimeter. I painted everything to match the cabinets for that “custom look”

After the counters were installed, I wanted to give her that “Coastal Grandmother” vibe, so I installed some vertical shiplap to add some visual interest above the laundry counter and carried it under the new cabinets to serve as a backsplash.

She also requested an area to hang some clothes so I cut a filler piece to extend the upper cabinets to the wall, then installed perimeter cleats to support a tall shelf. I cut the filer piece and shelf out of excess MDF I had from the counter support — once that was installed, I hung up a standard Oak Closet Rod and used this Black Hardware to support the rod.

Finally, I cut a hole for the new sink. I went with an Elkay 25” Drop-In Utility sink - I installed the drain plumbing and the faucet, and she had a working sink in her laundry room!

The last step was finishing the counters. Instead of using Butcher Block Oil, I just went will some Matte Polyurathane — I wanted to keep these counters as maintenance free and durable as possible.

My mom loves her new laundry space and we are so happy with the results!!

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