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Decking Out The Dining Room With Home Depot

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Fun fact about me: I love to cook, and I especially love to cook for my friends and family. Dinner parties are my jam and hosting the people I love around the dinner table brings me so much joy. Since we have moved into this house we haven't had a lot of opportunities to host due to the pandemic but now that things are finally getting back to normal, I can't wait to party all summer long.

The only issue: our serving setup was looking pretty sad. Plastic dining chairs were starting to crack, mismatched glassware was giving “shabby chic” in all the wrong ways, most of our forks had vanished, and we had nothing cool to serve up all the fancy new cocktails we learned to make during the “quarantine times”.

Luckily Home Depot came to the rescue and helped me get our dining room ready for tons of fun summer nights!

My wife and I like to make cool drinks a couple nights a week, and most of our parties start with (and end with) a cocktail…so I was on the hunt for a cool bar cart where I could whip up some refreshments. Our dining area doesn't really have a great spot for one permanently and sometimes we like to lounge in the living room or the family room depending on how many people we have over so I knew I wanted something with wheels. I found this awesome bar cart online at Home Depot and it’s exactly what I was looking for! It’s gold, with mirrored glass, plenty of shelving and bottle storage as well as a place to hang stemware.

Speaking of stemware, I was blown away by the selection of stemware and glassware on – They have everything I needed to stock my new bar cart. I picked up Wine Glasses, Champagne Flutes, Old-Fashioned glasses, and even Martini glasses. I have been attending youtube university and majoring in mixology – one thing i've learned is that if you really want the authentic bar experience, you need to have the right glassware for the drinks you’re serving. Since we are trying to put together a proper bar cart, I decided to get a matching Drink Shaker and Ice Bucket. I even got a super cool Japanese style Barspoon and a fancy Bottle Opener.

Moving on to the table area, I finally decided it was time to ditch the mid-century plastic egg chairs, so we were really starting with a blank slate. Amanda loves the moody traditional look of the kitchen from “The Handmaid’s Tale” so I picked out these great pewter green dining chairs. They are perfect! They make the whole room feel so much more grown up while still looking casual and comfortable for everyday use.

After spending my entire adult life using hand me down tableware, I figured it was about time for an upgrade. Luckily, Home Depot also carries a wide selection of everything I need to set a proper table. In my opinion, food just looks so much better on a white plate, and it's also way more “instagramable” so I ordered a super modern, white stoneware dining set which included a dining plate, salad plate, soup bowl, dessert bowl, and a coffee cup. I got two sets so now I have service for 8. Along with the new dinnerware, I replaced my mismatched silverware set with a new Copper Finished Stainless Steel Flatware set. Does everyday feel like thanksgiving now that we use gold silverware? Yes and i'm here for it.

I ordered a few more items to round out the table. I got a new set of really unique purple Highball Glasses, deep maroon Cloth Napkins, Terrazzo Coasters, a new Glass Salad bowl, & a sweet Slate Cheese Board.

Of course, like the fancy adult that I'm becoming, I needed somewhere to put all this new servingware. I found this awesome Modern Acacia Sideboard that matched my existing table perfectly. It came flat packed and it was pretty easy to assemble, now all my dishes have a proper home! Now all I need to do is build some sliding shelves in my lower cabinets for my new Kitchen aid Cookware set….yes Home Depot carries cookware! I have always wanted a full stainless steel set and now I have it. I really love that this set is able to be used with an induction stovetop…we have gas now but I like to use a small induction cooktop to cook stinky foods out in the garage and now I don't need an extra set of pans. Eventually I would like to get a full induction cooktop since it's more efficient than cooking with gas…either way, this new set is going to last me for years to come so I'm glad it can be used with all types of cooking elements.

I am beyond happy with this dining room refresh! carries such a wide range of decor products so it was really easy to find lots of great items to make my space look exactly how I envisioned it. I can’t wait to host some great dinner parties this summer, cheers!

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