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Simple Christmas with Command, VELCRO® Brand products, & Hillman

(This post contains affiliate links)

Ok friends, when it comes to decorating for the holidays I really only care about 2 things — I want it to be classy, and I wanna be the first person on the street to get it done. Thanks to my friends at Home Depot, I have accomplished both of those things!

Do I feel like the coolest dude on the block? Yea, I do! Did I also catch a ton of weird looks and even a little bit of detectable hate for decorating my house in early October? I sure did! But when Home Depot sends you a bunch of amazing products from Command, Velcro, & Hillman I couldn’t wait to deck this house out!

Our house isn’t very old but the builder definitely didn’t choose super high-quality finishes because we have cracks and paint chips and nicks in the trim all over the place. While I would love to give the exterior a fresh coat of paint, its simply not in the budget at this point. Because of this, I am really trying to keep holiday decorating as damage-free as possible…I also don't have a ton of free time so I was really glad to work with products that kept this whole process quick and easy.

Let me take you on a quick round up of all great products I used to make this dad flex happen

Right off the bat I need to tell you about Velcro and how its a GAME CHANGER not only when it comes to hanging things up inside, but also cord/wire organization and storage! These VELCRO® Brand EASY HANG™ Straps are perfect for hanging up the 39 extension cords I have just tangled up in a sad tote in my garage. They come with a carabiner which makes hooking and hanging them up super simple. They are also perfect for garden hoses, strollers, and they can even hang a BIKE!

If you follow me on IG, I shared some awesome VELCRO®Brand ONE-WRAP® Ties in my stories. Though they aren’t really picture worthy, they are awesome for managing extension cords for holiday lights. I used them all over the porch to keep the cords tidy and out of the way. I also grabbed an extra set because they are perfect for indoor cable management too! My work from home space is a disaster.

This year I really wanted to add more lights to the exterior of the house, I normally just do lights on the eaves but I wanted to outline the front door, window, and the garage door. I just think it looks so cool and really kicks the whole thing up a notch. This is where 3M came in and made it possible to trim these areas out WITHOUT staples.

I added some nifty Command Light Clips around all of these areas. They are super easy to install and the best part is they come off damage-free. The garage door has a vinyl weather seal so I just put the clips around the perimeter and clipped the lights right in. The front door has a wood jamb but the light clips stuck to that with no issue at all.

These clips really came in clutch around the window — this is somewhere I am normally not able to add lights to. There is a stucco casing around it so I cannot staple and I definitely didn’t want to add any permanent hooks that could cause the stucco to crack. I was able to add the light clips directly to the vinyl trim around the window…Problem solved!

I also wanted to add a wreath to the window and another one on the front door. I used some Command Outdoor Hooks to get these guys up. I actually used two for each wreath…one on top to hang the wreath and one on the bottom pointing down. It gets super windy where I live this time of year and even though the hooks can definitely hold the weight of the wreath, they will simply blow right off the hook with a good 40 mph gust of wind. The bottom hook kind of serves as a way to grip the wreath against the door so it stays put in the wind.

I wanted to add Garland to frame out the porch with some greenery but I was also looking ahead to other holidays…I specifically wanted be able to re-use the hanging system for things like 4th of July bunting, Birthday party welcome decorations, and Hanging Halloween decorations. Thats where Hillman came in with their awesome Ook products.

I installed these small Hillman Ook Brass hooks on the back side of the porch beams so they would be kind of hidden from view — that way I can just leave them up year-round. Once the hooks were installed I used some Hillman Ook Invisible Hanging Cord to suspend the garland from the hooks above.

This stuff is like mega fishing line and it can hold up to 20 lbs! In a few areas where I needed to conceal cords and tuck the garland, I used some Hillman Ook Green Floral wire. I also used the same floral wire to secure net lights to the two Cypress trees I have in the front yard.

I LOVE the way this all turned out and I couldn’t have done it without Home Depot and these amazing brands. Let me know what you think!

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